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Published Submissions

Submissions may contain names of, or references to, deceased Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

Submissions contain material that may be distressing, including accounts of people's personal experiences, images of deceased wildlife and destroyed property.  If you are affected by this content and would like assistance, Lifeline has a dedicated 24 hour bushfire recovery support line 13 HELP (13 43 57). 

The views expressed in these published submissions are those of the submission authors, and not necessarily the views of the Royal Commission.

The Commission reserves the right not to publish or to redact information within a submission.  The Commission has determined not to publish submissions that contain material that may be offensive or defamatory. Information redacted by the Commission is information that is:

  • Personal information, such as names, phone numbers, addresses and signatures. 
  • Sensitive information, such as criminal history information.
  • Offensive content.
  • Content that may be subject to copyright (such as quotes, images and maps) that was not accompanied with appropriate attribution.

The Commission continues to process submissions and update this webpage in due course.

The Commission thanks all who have made a submission for sharing their experiences, knowledge and expertise with this national inquiry.


Date Submitted by Document
Air Affairs Australia NND.001.00972
Professor Alexander McFarlane AO NND.001.01056
Federation of Victorian Traditional Owner Corporations NND.001.01156
GPost Corporation Australia Pty Ltd NND.001.01372
Anonymous NND.600.00170
Softwoods Working Group NND.001.00979
Kangaroo Island Plantation Timbers NND.001.01064
Bushfire Survivors for Climate Action NND.001.01179
Tim Hitchins NND.001.01386
Daryl David Cochrane NND.600.00178
Australian Sustainable Built Environment Council NND.001.00980
Anonymous NND.001.01068
Anonymous NND.001.01197
Ashley John Bishop NND.600.00003
Llyod Smith NND.600.00204
HVP Plantations NND.001.00982
Jill Pickering NND.001.01072
Denis O'Bryan NND.001.01223
Royce Joseph White NND.600.00027
Margaret Brocx NND.600.00207
Australian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society NND.001.00986
NSW Rural Fire Service Association NND.001.01078
Tamara Weekes NND.001.01226
David Parkinson NND.600.00034
Neville Harold Locker NND.600.00216
Vanessa Cavanagh NND.001.00988
Andrew MacDougall NND.001.01082
A group of independent fire practitioners. NND.001.01229
Anonymous NND.600.00071
Robert John Raison NND.600.00229
McDermott Aviation NND.001.01003
Australian Marine Conservation Society NND.001.01085
Volunteer Fire Brigades Victoria (VFBV) NND.001.01235
Anonymous NND.600.00230
Police Federation of Australia NND.001.01010
Financial Rights Legal Centre NND.001.01087
Bruce Hankinson NND.001.01293
Anonymous NND.600.00090
Anonymous NND.600.00237
Innovate Australia Ltd NND.001.01018
Gunaikurnai Land and Waters Aboriginal Corporation NND.001.01091
Andrew Moore NND.001.01299
Bill Chisholm NND.600.00115
Anonymous NND.600.00243
John Patrick Charles Dodd NND.001.01024
Anonymous NND.001.01096
Kimberley Land Council NND.001.01309
Anonymous NND.600.00124
Anonymous NND.600.00259
Love Australia Or Leave Party NND.001.01025
Bega Valley Farmers and Landowners Group NND.001.01106
IFAW NND.001.01311
Rachael Miller NND.600.00132
Anonymous NND.600.00263
OzRunways Pty Ltd NND.001.01028
Community and Public Sector Union State Public Services Federation Branch Victoria NND.001.01109
Ian Christie NND.001.01312
Errol Williams James McGovern NND.600.00141
Anonymous NND.600.00268
10 Deserts Project NND.001.01039
Denmark Environment Centre Inc. & Albany Community Environment Centre Inc. NND.001.01133
John Shiel NND.001.01315
John Edward Greig NND.600.00143
Anonymous NND.600.00324
Lyn Orrego NND.001.00955
Anonymous NND.001.01041
Australian Honey Bee Industry Council NND.001.01139
Stephen Jones NND.001.01325
Anonymous NND.600.00147
Anonymous NND.600.00326
Accounting for Nature Ltd NND.001.00958
The Howitt Society NND.001.01045
Australian Broadcasting Corporation NND.001.01143
National Farmers' Federation NND.001.01335
Anonymous NND.600.00149
Bhiamie Williamson NND.001.00969
Rodney Keenan NND.001.01052
National Insurance Brokers Association NND.001.01154
Volunteering Australia NND.001.01366
Anonymous NND.600.00153
Christopher David Haynes NND.001.00130
Michael Fox Architects NND.001.00327
Brian Barwick NND.001.00519
Royal Commission into National Natural Disaster NND.001.00634
Mark Xiberras NND.001.00762
Sharon Nevileen Jean Lohse NND.001.00856
Anonymous NND.001.00139
Professor Bruce Thom AM NND.001.00329
HPS Transport Pty Ltd NND.001.00541
Charles Darwin University & North Australian Indigenous Land & Sea Management Alliance NND.001.00636
Virginia Kay Young NND.001.00770
Anonymous NND.001.00858
Tony Pedro NND.001.00156
LM Hayter and Sons Pty Ltd NND.001.00337
Dr Fiona Kotvojs and Mr Alan Burdon NND.001.00551
Anonymous NND.001.00637
David Charles Henry Halloran NND.001.00774
Regional Arts Australia NND.001.00859
Marilyn Schoonderwoerd NND.001.00161
Anonymous NND.001.00357
Australian Environmental Technology Centre NND.001.00559
Bevan Anthony Dockery NND.001.00642
Doug Paton NND.001.00779
Anonymous NND.001.00861
John Paul Hodgson NND.001.00162
Douglas Norman Trenham NND.001.00364
BAI Communications NND.001.00573
David Gamble NND.001.00651
Phoenix Foundations Housing Relief Limited NND.001.00782
Good Things Foundation Australia NND.001.00873
Climate Realists of Five Dock, NSW Australia NND.001.00209
Ecological Society of Australia Ltd NND.001.00369
DefendTex Research Labs Pty Ltd NND.001.00578
David Bowling NND.001.00655
Wood Products Victoria Ltd NND.001.00787
Australian Plants Society NSW NND.001.00891
Climate Council of Australia NND.001.00210
Rob Bevear NND.001.00375
Simon John Upward NND.001.00582
Anonymous NND.001.00674
Planning Institute of Australia NND.001.00789
Anonymous NND.001.00895
Clarence Valley Food Inc NND.001.00224
Chris Nixon NND.001.00391
National Enterprise for Rural Community Wellbeing - University of South Australia NND.001.00585
Geoffrey John Miell NND.001.00677
Francis Bossink NND.001.00799
Anonymous NND.001.00899
Tarome Rural Fire Brigade NND.001.00247
Transportation Associates Pty Ltd NND.001.00412
ABC Friends National Inc NND.001.00587
Charles Street NND.001.00689
Kevin Higgins NND.001.00809
Matthew ORoure NND.001.00910
Peter Lindsay Thorpe NND.001.00004
Anonymous NND.001.00259
Bingie Residents Association NND.001.00415
Upper Murray Incorporated NND.001.00599
Daniel May NND.001.00694
Australasian Fire and Emergency Service Authorities Council Ltd NND.001.00824
Independent NND.001.00916
Ronald James NND.001.00006
Nigel Bell NND.001.00275
Maurice Killeen NND.001.00431
Peter Wales NND.001.00601
Northern Territory Cattlemen's Association NND.001.00700
Suncorp Group NND.001.00825
Anonymous NND.001.00927
Elizabeth Lovett NND.001.00010
Volunteer Firefighters Association NSW NND.001.00293
Peter John Officer NND.001.00462
Timothy James Fatchen NND.001.00611
Keith Henry Alcock NND.001.00717
Local Government Association of Queensland NND.001.00832
Danielle Murphy NND.001.00940
Professor David Lindenmayer NND.001.00076
Michael Eburn NND.001.00305
Australian River Deltas NND.001.00470
Brian Blackwell NND.001.00614
Building Designers Association of Australia NND.001.00729
Anonymous NND.001.00834
Doctors for the Environment Australia NND.001.00949
Mark Andrew Zanker NND.001.00109
Thomas Carlyle Reeve NND.001.00308
Rodney Neville Bridges NND.001.00486
Duncan Dey NND.001.00616
Phil Robinson NND.001.00731
Community Industry Group NND.001.00843
Anonymous NND.001.00124
Karen Joynes NND.001.00313
John Scattergood NND.001.00514
Anthony Talbot Adams NND.001.00620
Michael Scholz NND.001.00753
Melbourne Sustainabe Society Institute, University of Melbourne NND.001.00846
Alan Hughes NND.001.00129
Anonymous NND.001.00317
Mt Wilson/Mt Irvine Rural Fire Brigade NND.001.00517
Stuart Strachan NND.001.00622
Robert E. Jackson NND.001.00760
Clarence Environment Centre Inc NND.001.00852
Anonymous NND.600.00285
Anonymous NND.600.00308
Anonymous NND.600.00287
Anonymous NND.600.00310
Anonymous NND.600.00289
Anonymous NND.600.00311
Anonymous NND.600.00290
Anonymous NND.600.00312
Anonymous NND.600.00291
Anonymous NND.600.00313
Anonymous NND.600.00292
Anonymous NND.600.00315
Urban Bushland Council WA Inc NND.600.00247
Anonymous NND.600.00294
Tinamaria Reberger NND.600.00316
Walter Trevor Thomas NND.600.00251
Anonymous NND.600.00295
Anonymous NND.600.00318
Anonymous NND.600.00252
Anonymous NND.600.00296
Anonymous NND.600.00323
Anonymous NND.600.00255
Anonymous NND.600.00298
Yarra Waterways Group NND.600.00258
Anonymous NND.600.00299
David Marsham NND.600.00267
Anonymous NND.600.00300
Anonymous NND.600.00276
Anonymous NND.600.00303
Mr and Mrs Bruce and Lesley Diane viti lane NND.600.00278
Anonymous NND.600.00304
Anonymous NND.600.00281
Anonymous NND.600.00306
Anonymous NND.600.00282
Anonymous NND.600.00307
Anonymous NND.600.00117
Anonymous NND.600.00179
Anonymous NND.600.00231
Craig and Deborah Styles NND.600.00119
Anonymous NND.600.00180
Anonymous NND.600.00232
Anonymous NND.600.00120
Anonymous NND.600.00183
Anonymous NND.600.00234
Anonymous NND.600.00123
John Kirk NND.600.00196
Terry Myers NND.600.00240
Anonymous NND.600.00126
Anonymous NND.600.00198
The Habitat Advocate NND.600.00241
John Richard Lloyd NND.600.00127
Anonymous NND.600.00200
Anonymous NND.600.00244
Anonymous NND.600.00135
Anonymous NND.600.00209
Anonymous NND.600.00138
Anonymous NND.600.00211
Anonymous NND.600.00155
Micheal Devine NND.600.00212
Andrew Rupert Scoullar NND.600.00158
Anonymous NND.600.00213
Anonymous NND.600.00161
Anonymous NND.600.00221
Anonymous NND.600.00162
Anonymous NND.600.00222
Anonymous NND.600.00169
Anonymous NND.600.00223
Brian Curzon NND.600.00172
Mr Philip Mas NND.600.00225
Anonymous NND.600.00174
Philip Crowther NND.600.00226
Anonymous NND.600.00176
Anonymous NND.600.00228
Insurance Australia Group (IAG) NND.001.01360
Frank Ondrus NND.600.00012
Peter Motbey NND.600.00069
Cool Futures Funds Mangement - Due Diligence Division NND.001.01369
Gold Coast Retirees Inc NND.600.00013
Francis Lenz (Frank) NND.600.00077
Ulladulla and Districts Community Forum NND.001.01373
Jacqueline Ohlin NND.600.00015
Leonie Stubbs NND.600.00079
Cameron Smith NND.001.01374
John Miller NND.600.00016
Anonymous NND.600.00085
Environment East Gippsland inc NND.001.01375
Keith Muller NND.600.00018
Lowell Steffen NND.600.00086
Nick van Stekelenburg NND.001.01382
Peter Harris NND.600.00021
Anonymous NND.600.00092
Anonymous NND.001.01343
Philip Spark NND.001.01387
Ricky Andrew Morris - chair agriculture Kangaroo Island NND.600.00022
Anonymous NND.600.00093
Gail Stevens NND.001.01344
Kelly Small NND.001.01388
Robert de Groot NND.600.00023
Terry Channells NND.600.00098
robin mcconkey NND.001.01345
Sigmundur Valgeirsson NND.001.01391
Anonymous NND.600.00028
Anonymous NND.600.00099
Anonymous NND.001.01346
Allan Porter NND.600.00002
Anonymous NND.600.00029
Anonymous NND.600.00100
Anonymous NND.001.01349
Candida Anne Lawrence NND.600.00005
Catrina McCaghern NND.600.00046
Geof Nanto NND.600.00101
Stuart Grant Burbidge NND.001.01353
Catherine Ludo McFerran AM NND.600.00006
Michael Dean Campbell NND.600.00048
Anonymous NND.600.00105
Anonymous NND.001.01355
Anonymous NND.600.00007
Sharon Tapscott NND.600.00049
Anonymous NND.600.00110
Jeff Condren NND.001.01356
Fireball International NND.600.00009
Anonymous NND.600.00059
Anonymous NND.600.00111
Anthony Muyt NND.001.01358
Connie Scholl NND.600.00010
Peter Watts NND.600.00060
William Boerder NND.600.00114
Stuart Lewien NND.001.01359
Dr Denis Muller NND.600.00011
Anonymous NND.600.00063
Anonymous NND.600.00116
James Vicars NND.001.01310
Jeff Moran NND.001.01324
Rachel Coffey NND.001.01327
Anonymous NND.001.01330
Yana del Valle and Simon Orbell NND.001.01218
Judith Anne Bourne NND.001.01244
Anonymous NND.001.01263
Margaret Mary Gaynor NND.001.01284
Stevie Smith NND.001.01305
Peter Anthony Ryan NND.001.01340
Anonymous NND.001.01219
Anonymous NND.001.01245
Catherine Ryland Consulting NND.001.01264
Pippa Quilty NND.001.01285
Helen Taylor NND.001.01306
MCG Quantity Surveyors NND.001.01341
Graham Peachey NND.001.01220
John Wilkinson NND.001.01247
ICOM Australia NND.001.01266
Cobargo Bushfire Relief Centre NND.001.01286
Anonymous NND.001.01307
Anonymous NND.001.01222
Anonymous NND.001.01249
Anonymous NND.001.01267
Anonymous NND.001.01287
The Shed of Hope Inc NND.001.01308
John Purser NND.001.01198
John Harold Wickett NND.001.01227
Anonymous NND.001.01250
Anonymous NND.001.01268
Ellie Watson NND.001.01288
Peter I McArdle NND.001.01314
Sean Burke NND.001.01199
Anonymous NND.001.01230
Creative Recovery Network NND.001.01251
Anonymous NND.001.01269
Anonymous NND.001.01289
Anonymous NND.001.01318
Sukalpa Goldflam NND.001.01201
Jack wotton NND.001.01231
David Holmgren NND.001.01252
Anonymous NND.001.01270
Good Shepherd Australia New Zealand NND.001.01290
Quinns Rocks Environmental Group Inc NND.001.01319
Kevin Clark Riggs NND.001.01203
geraldine ryan NND.001.01232
Anonymous NND.001.01254
Australian Institute for the Conservation of Cultural Material NND.001.01271
Anonymous NND.001.01291
Hillary Wilde NND.001.01321
John Vukovich NND.001.01207
Andrew Thompson NND.001.01233
Risk Frontiers NND.001.01255
Eddie dogramachi NND.001.01272
John Stein NND.001.01292
Tim Herne NND.001.01322
Marie Ferland NND.001.01208
Monaro Family Support Service NND.001.01234
Anonymous NND.001.01256
Anonymous NND.001.01273
Anonymous NND.001.01295
Lynette Sebo and Justin Bayliss NND.001.01323
Anonymous NND.001.01209
Frank Vella NND.001.01236
Anonymous NND.001.01257
Anonymous NND.001.01275
Bushwalking Australia Inc NND.001.01296
Anonymous NND.001.01329
William Nethery NND.001.01211
Anonymous NND.001.01237
Katherine Bell NND.001.01258
Anonymous NND.001.01276
XR Grey Power NND.001.01298
Anonymous NND.001.01332
Donna Maree Bell NND.001.01213
Stephen Dovey NND.001.01239
Tonia Welsh NND.001.01259
John Kotsiaris NND.001.01277
Frances Grindlay NND.001.01300
Pitt Town Progress Association Inc. NND.001.01333
Karen Sedaitis NND.001.01214
Leva Consulting NND.001.01240
Anonymous NND.001.01260
Janet Stein NND.001.01279
Anonymous NND.001.01301
Anonymous NND.001.01334
Shane William Mcgilvray NND.001.01216
Queanbeyan-Palerang Regional Council NND.001.01241
Volunteering Queensland NND.001.01261
Susan Quartermaine NND.001.01280
Australia ICOMOS NND.001.01302
craig j pearson NND.001.01337
Malcolm James Balsille Hay NND.001.01217
Anonymous NND.001.01243
Anonymous NND.001.01262
Anonymous NND.001.01283
Mark Drury NND.001.01304
Judith Benton NND.001.01339
Andrea Tulloch NND.001.01022
Anonymous NND.001.01049
Anonymous NND.001.01083
Alison Russell-French OAM NND.001.01120
Peter Ross Simons NND.001.01152
Jack Wellings NND.001.01181
Francis Gregory Smith NND.001.01023
Anonymous NND.001.01050
Anonymous NND.001.01088
Sustainable Timber Tasmania NND.001.01123
Anonymous NND.001.01157
Anonymous NND.001.01188
Sally Milburn NND.001.01026
Margaret Blakers NND.001.01053
Graeme Milne NND.001.01094
Lisa Harris NND.001.01125
Indigo Shire Council NND.001.01158
Hawkesbury City Council NND.001.01191
Anonymous NND.001.01027
Fred Mitchell NND.001.01054
Anonymous NND.001.01095
Robyn Caldwell NND.001.01126
Anonymous NND.001.01159
Anonymous NND.001.01193
Australian Museums and Galleries Association (AMaGA) NND.001.01030
Anonymous NND.001.01055
John Michael Rudd NND.001.01097
Bega Valley Greens NND.001.01127
Lindy Appleton NND.001.01160
Anonymous NND.001.01031
John Mercer NND.001.01058
Patricia McClelland NND.001.01099
David Falvey NND.001.01128
Tumut Community Association Incorporated NND.001.01161
Shiann Broderick NND.001.01032
Maryke Booth NND.001.01059
Robert Richmond NND.001.01100
Janna Cochrane NND.001.01129
Clarissa Kathleen Watson NND.001.01162
Anonymous NND.001.01033
James Mort NND.001.01060
WA Landcare Network Inc NND.001.01101
National Landcare Network Ltd NND.001.01134
Helen Templeton NND.001.01163
Mr Bradley Rayer NND.001.01002
JOHN Sherwood GRAY NND.001.01034
Lauren Tynan NND.001.01061
Kimlyn Bruce TEMPLETON NND.001.01102
Angela Wardell-Johnson NND.001.01136
Bulga Plateau RFS NND.001.01164
Anonymous NND.001.01004
St Georges Uniting Church and Disaster Relief Chaplaincy Network NND.001.01036
Glen Jones NND.001.01065
Dr Alan and Mrs Anne Pilgrim NND.001.01105
Anonymous NND.001.01137
Peter Heward NND.001.01165
Professor James Guthrie AM NND.001.01005
Lindy Orthia NND.001.01037
Mica Lynnah NND.001.01066
John Black NND.001.01108
Anonymous NND.001.01138
Anonymous NND.001.01166
Sarah Waddell NND.001.01012
GLAM Peak NND.001.01038
The Royal Automobile Club of Queensland NND.001.01069
Philip Clark NND.001.01111
ClimActs NND.001.01140
Anonymous NND.001.01170
Anonymous NND.001.01014
Florence ANGELA Crunden NND.001.01042
Christine Walters NND.001.01071
Thomas Richard Trevan NND.001.01113
Katrina Dickson NND.001.01142
Richard W K Mann NND.001.01171
Bek McGarry NND.001.01016
REINA HILL NND.001.01046
Anonymous NND.001.01073
Anonymous NND.001.01114
Terence Balle NND.001.01145
Ian Frape NND.001.01174
Michelle Blair NND.001.01017
Anonymous NND.001.01047
Anonymous NND.001.01079
SmartSat Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) NND.001.01117
Rod Cramer NND.001.01148
Rob Meaton NND.001.01176
Harry Binnendijk NND.001.01021
Stephen John Grubits NND.001.01048
Anonymous NND.001.01080
BlackBerry Australia NND.001.01118
Australian Red Cross Society NND.001.01151
Barry Traill NND.001.01177
Ann Fagan NND.001.00839
Anonymous NND.001.00876
Bruce Marriott NND.001.00901
Colleen Turner NND.001.00922
Dorothy Fraser NND.001.00952
Cornelis Versteeg NND.001.00993
Susan Carey NND.001.00840
Joan Payne AM NND.001.00878
Anonymous NND.001.00902
Anonymous NND.001.00923
Anonymous NND.001.00953
Anonymous NND.001.00994
Long Beach Community Association Inc NND.001.00841
Keysborough CFA - Victoria NND.001.00879
Anonymous NND.001.00903
Tony Peck NND.001.00929
Anonymous NND.001.00954
Karen O'Clery NND.001.00995
Jeremy Little NND.001.00842
Maloneys Beach Residents Association NND.001.00880
Committee for Preservation of Bushfire Consciousness. NND.001.00904
Tony Peck NND.001.00931
Anonymous NND.001.00956
Anonymous NND.001.00996
Harold W S Luxton NND.001.00844
National Association for the Visual Arts NND.001.00881
Melissa Pickering NND.001.00905
Rodney Spencer Dowling NND.001.00932
Matthew Allen NND.001.00959
Sue and Jim Novak NND.001.00997
Fiona Franklin NND.001.00821
Pat Schultz NND.001.00845
Anonymous NND.001.00882
Peter Dunn NND.001.00906
Michael Huon NND.001.00933
Centre for Environmental Economics and Policy, University of Western Australia NND.001.00960
Brendan Wilson NND.001.00999
Heather Summers NND.001.00822
Anonymous NND.001.00850
Anonymous NND.001.00883
Anonymous NND.001.00907
Locals Into Victoria's Environment - LIVE NND.001.00934
Nicolas Pascal NND.001.00961
The Clarence Forum NND.001.01000
Federation of Australian Historical Societies NND.001.00823
Carolyn More NND.001.00854
Simon Berry NND.001.00884
Anonymous NND.001.00911
member of Australian Conservation Foundation and GreenPeace NND.001.00935
Veterinarians for Climate Action NND.001.00962
Pauline O'Carolan NND.001.01001
Glenn Poole Contracting Pty Ltd - Logging Contractors and Land Owners NND.001.00826
Anonymous NND.001.00855
Francis Bernie Martin NND.001.00885
Anonymous NND.001.00912
Anonymous NND.001.00942
Anonymous NND.001.00965
Wide Bay Burnett Environment Council Inc NND.001.00828
Anonymous NND.001.00862
Ken Wilson NND.001.00886
Chris OSullivan NND.001.00913
Thomas Duff NND.001.00943
Anonymous NND.001.00966
Anonymous NND.001.00829
Anonymous NND.001.00864
Melanie Rogers NND.001.00887
Extinction Rebellion Grey Power Vic NND.001.00914
Susie Hearder NND.001.00944
Private Forests Tasmania and Tasmanian Forests and Forest Products Network NND.001.00967
Anonymous NND.001.00831
Prudence Woods NND.001.00868
Kathleen McCann NND.001.00889
Nroman Green NND.001.00915
Prof. Jason Sharples NND.001.00945
Anonymous NND.001.00973
Anonymous NND.001.00833
Anonymous NND.001.00869
Anonymous NND.001.00890
corporate2community NND.001.00917
Claire Sullivan NND.001.00946
Anonymous NND.001.00976
Anonymous NND.001.00835
Anonymous NND.001.00870
Jonathan Dolan NND.001.00892
Anonymous NND.001.00919
Philip Novak NND.001.00947
Liz Lacey NND.001.00985
Anonymous NND.001.00836
Dr Hanna Jaireth NND.001.00874
David Philp NND.001.00893
Marie Green NND.001.00920
Catherine Marsham NND.001.00950
Kim Gillis AM NND.001.00989
Lucy Rose Duxbury Henderson NND.001.00838
Allan Douch NND.001.00875
George Phillips NND.001.00896
Steven Earle Green NND.001.00921
Warwick Sawyer NND.001.00951
David Gallan NND.001.00990
Anonymous NND.001.00679
Gordon Barclay NND.001.00708
Melissa adams NND.001.00734
Charles Saul NND.001.00752
Carlo Botto NND.001.00791
Anonymous NND.001.00814
Chris Doubae NND.001.00680
Yael Leiobvitch NND.001.00710
Nicholas John Barton NND.001.00735
Eve Lamb NND.001.00759
Friends of Durras NND.001.00792
Anonymous NND.001.00816
Emilie Martin NND.001.00660
Donald Patterson NND.001.00681
Anonymous NND.001.00711
Janet Meade NND.001.00737
Anonymous NND.001.00763
Grant Brierley NND.001.00793
Greg Franklin NND.001.00817
Ralph Wilson NND.001.00662
Susan Bear NND.001.00682
Hannah Steel NND.001.00712
Jason Harrop NND.001.00738
Anonymous NND.001.00764
Raymond Harrop NND.001.00794
Wollondilly Shire Council NND.001.00819
Jennifer Anne Button NND.001.00663
Donald Moffatt NND.001.00684
Anonymous NND.001.00713
Christine Hannan NND.001.00739
Anonymous NND.001.00766
Adrienne Steward NND.001.00795
Lynne Jones NND.001.00820
Rachel Sarah Gardiner NND.001.00666
Peter H Davis NND.001.00685
Anonymous NND.001.00721
Matthew Heath NND.001.00740
Phillip R Gibbons NND.001.00767
Peter R Taylor NND.001.00797
Jacob Deem NND.001.00667
Gillian Fahle NND.001.00686
RFS Snowy River Group Captains NND.001.00722
Peter McConachy NND.001.00741
Jenny Shea NND.001.00769
Anonymous NND.001.00798
Anonymous NND.001.00668
Ilona Renwick NND.001.00687
Anonymous NND.001.00723
Anonymous NND.001.00742
Jen Severn NND.001.00772
Friends of Underwood Avenue Bushland/Friends of Landsdale Reserve NND.001.00800
Anonymous NND.001.00669
Australian Library and Information Association NND.001.00690
Lani Annesley NND.001.00724
Cristiano Magnabosco NND.001.00743
Anonymous NND.001.00775
Helen L S Taylor NND.001.00804
Anonymous NND.001.00670
Anonymous NND.001.00691
Anonymous NND.001.00725
Christine Carmichael NND.001.00744
Anonymous NND.001.00777
kevin higgins NND.001.00806
Anonymous NND.001.00671
Anonymous NND.001.00693
Anonymous NND.001.00726
Ian Heriot NND.001.00745
Anonymous NND.001.00781
Mary Hoodless NND.001.00807
Anonymous NND.001.00672
National Rural Health Alliance NND.001.00695
Anonymous NND.001.00727
Bruce and Lindsay Perrin NND.001.00747
Anonymous NND.001.00783
Zoe Pook NND.001.00808
Dr Ronald Watts NND.001.00673
Stuart Graham NND.001.00696
Anthony La Spina NND.001.00728
Anonymous NND.001.00748
Anonymous NND.001.00784
Anonymous NND.001.00810
Christine Louise Shanahan NND.001.00675
Anonymous NND.001.00704
Jennifer Capel NND.001.00730
Anonymous NND.001.00749
Veronica Mary Bernadette Coen NND.001.00786
Fiona Margaret Gross NND.001.00811
Anonymous NND.001.00676
Russ Graul NND.001.00706
Chris McIntyre NND.001.00732
Anonymous NND.001.00750
Anonymous NND.001.00788
YLess4U NND.001.00812
Rhonda Ayliffe NND.001.00678
Matthew Ellis NND.001.00707
John H Learmonth NND.001.00733
Helen Goddard NND.001.00751
Robyn Hermans NND.001.00790
Anonymous NND.001.00813
William Kaye NND.001.00516
Anonymous NND.001.00539
Sue Norman NND.001.00558
Brian Ayliffe NND.001.00584
Dallis Tanner NND.001.00607
Brian Tomalin NND.001.00630
Gordon Davies NND.001.00658
Doug Urquhart NND.001.00520
GetUp NND.001.00540
David Neyle NND.001.00562
Anonymous NND.001.00586
Arthur John Boorman NND.001.00608
La Trobe University NND.001.00631
Murray Quant NND.001.00659
David Jones NND.001.00521
Dennis Plink NND.001.00542
Neil Burrows NND.001.00565
Anonymous NND.001.00588
Margaret Waugh NND.001.00609
Gregory Peter Cooney NND.001.00632
Jane H Greacen NND.001.00522
Cameron Eccles NND.001.00543
Tim Giles NND.001.00566
Colleen Smithers NND.001.00589
Patricia Elizabeth Beatty NND.001.00610
Kenton Lawson NND.001.00633
Anonymous NND.001.00523
Patricia murphy NND.001.00544
Anonymous NND.001.00567
Don Pratley NND.001.00590
William T Clark NND.001.00612
Kelly Mills NND.001.00635
Anonymous NND.001.00524
Cheryl Hook NND.001.00545
Monica Teresa McMahon NND.001.00568
Rob Brislin NND.001.00591
Anonymous NND.001.00613
Royal Australasian College of Physicians NND.001.00638
Bill Calcutt NND.001.00525
Caroline Long NND.001.00546
Grahame Peter Higgs NND.001.00569
Michael Francis lillas NND.001.00592
Lynton Vonow NND.001.00615
Joanne Murrell NND.001.00640
Andrew Curven NND.001.00526
Anonymous NND.001.00547
Anonymous NND.001.00570
Rosedale Association Inc. NND.001.00593
Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP) NND.001.00617
John Morandini NND.001.00643
Glynn Burch NND.001.00527
Anonymous NND.001.00548
Anonymous NND.001.00574
Anonymous NND.001.00594
Anonymous NND.001.00618
Nambucca Valley Council NND.001.00644
Anonymous NND.001.00529
James Amos Dangerfield NND.001.00549
Anonymous NND.001.00575
Anonymous NND.001.00595
Jenny Froud NND.001.00621
Donald William Nott NND.001.00645
Peter O'Brien NND.001.00530
Peter Mercieca NND.001.00550
Carly Dober NND.001.00576
Anonymous NND.001.00596
Mr Roger Clive Bylett NND.001.00623
Sylvie Mester NND.001.00646
Kerry Jeanette Jones NND.001.00531
Michael Leeming NND.001.00553
Gary Roy Nairn AO NND.001.00577
Mark Anthony Tull NND.001.00597
Matthew Maude NND.001.00625
Anonymous NND.001.00647
Anonymous NND.001.00532
Anonymous NND.001.00554
Anonymous NND.001.00579
Anonymous NND.001.00598
Ian Robert Kirkegaard NND.001.00626
Anonymous NND.001.00648
Anonymous NND.001.00535
Victor Stafford NND.001.00555
Nina Balas NND.001.00580
Anonymous NND.001.00600
Drew Adamson NND.001.00627
Lani Imhof NND.001.00649
Loretta NND.001.00536
Helen Pickett NND.001.00556
Ian and Patricia Coupar NND.001.00581
Anonymous NND.001.00604
Chris George NND.001.00628
Andrew Mackey NND.001.00654
Benjamin Rex Hanna NND.001.00515
Helen Kube NND.001.00537
Carla Gray NND.001.00557
Frank Roseby NND.001.00583
David John Austin NND.001.00605
Anonymous NND.001.00629
Raven Spirit NND.001.00657
Alice Nagy NND.001.00388
RAND Australia NND.001.00407
Trevor Speirs NND.001.00428
Warren John Matthews NND.001.00449
David Hunter NND.001.00473
Vaughan Anthony Johnston NND.001.00497
Anonymous NND.001.00389
Anonymous NND.001.00409
Anonymous NND.001.00429
Bendigo Amateur Radio and Electronics Club NND.001.00451
Robin carle NND.001.00474
Garry Stephen Owers NND.001.00498
Anonymous NND.001.00390
Anonymous NND.001.00410
Weathertex Pty Ltd NND.001.00430
Coral Bartlett NND.001.00452
Anonymous NND.001.00475
Ralph Rabbidge NND.001.00499
David Massie NND.001.00392
David Falvey NND.001.00413
Anonymous NND.001.00432
Brian C. Kay NND.001.00455
Michael Lonergan NND.001.00478
Anonymous NND.001.00500
Stephen Douglass NND.001.00393
South Australian Veterinary Emergency Management (SAVEM) Inc AND Engine Room Solutions Pty Ltd NND.001.00414
Ann Mary Lees NND.001.00433
Rodney Stevens NND.001.00456
Debrah Novak NND.001.00479
Anonymous NND.001.00501
Emma NND.001.00395
Sarah Naomi Butler NND.001.00416
Centre for Air pollution, energy and health Research (CAR) NND.001.00436
Anonymous NND.001.00457
Neville Siede NND.001.00480
Russell James Watson NND.001.00502
Robert Walker NND.001.00396
Ruth Harriman NND.001.00418
Australian Fireboard Company Limited NND.001.00437
Glenn Douglas White NND.001.00458
Anonymous NND.001.00482
Anonymous NND.001.00503
Fire Support NSW NND.001.00397
Peter Parker NND.001.00419
Anonymous NND.001.00438
Sally Nuyens NND.001.00459
Robyn O'Neill NND.001.00483
Angela Jensen NND.001.00504
Desmond Wilfred Edwards NND.001.00420
Beyond Bushfires study, University of Melbourne NND.001.00439
Richard William Miller NND.001.00460
Giovanna Hounsell NND.001.00484
Anonymous NND.001.00505
Jack Egan and Cath Bowdler NND.001.00399
Anonymous NND.001.00421
Bettina (Tina) Young NND.001.00441
judith barnes NND.001.00461
Anonymous NND.001.00487
Anonymous NND.001.00506
David Williams NND.001.00400
Anonymous NND.001.00422
Jan van der Schalk NND.001.00442
Matt Bottomley NND.001.00463
Jenetta Haim NND.001.00489
Anonymous NND.001.00508
Allied Natural Wood Exports Pty Ltd NND.001.00401
Anthony healy NND.001.00423
Maxwell James Cameron NND.001.00443
Judith Buss NND.001.00464
Anonymous NND.001.00490
Jamie Shaw NND.001.00509
Andrew Cruickshank NND.001.00402
Wayne Patrick Kealy NND.001.00424
Greg Matthews NND.001.00444
Anonymous NND.001.00466
Zoran Panzich NND.001.00493
barry brooks NND.001.00510
Geoffrey Charles Stocker NND.001.00404
Malcolm Jones NND.001.00425
Pam Nairn NND.001.00445
Anonymous NND.001.00467
Gerard McPhee NND.001.00494
William James Rich NND.001.00512
Anonymous NND.001.00386
Anonymous NND.001.00405
Anonymous NND.001.00426
Anonymous NND.001.00447
Janice Newnham NND.001.00469
Robert Campbell-Burns NND.001.00495
David Pockley NND.001.00513
Lara Merrett NND.001.00387
CHOICE NND.001.00406
NSW Pitt Town Progress Association NND.001.00427
Robert Whymark NND.001.00448
Andrew Olsson NND.001.00472
Anonymous NND.001.00496
John Warnock NND.001.00264
Australian Academy of Health and Medical Sciences NND.001.00284
Darryl Venz NND.001.00306
Volunteer Rural Fire Brigade Ravensbourne Perseverance NND.001.00328
Australian Child and Adolescent Trauma, Loss and Grief Network, Australian National University NND.001.00349
Adrian Pederick MP NND.001.00370
Anonymous NND.001.00266
Anonymous NND.001.00286
David Grice NND.001.00307
Helen Rainger NND.001.00330
Anonymous NND.001.00350
Jennifer Star NND.001.00371
Yarrawa native Forest NND.001.00267
Margaret Jarvis NND.001.00287
Jon Holcombe NND.001.00310
Peter James Cheeseman NND.001.00332
Anonymous NND.001.00351
Albert Edward Caton NND.001.00372
Wallace James Collins NND.001.00268
Dr Steven Lade NND.001.00288
Dr Hilary Frances Smith NND.001.00311
Shaun Walsh NND.001.00333
Actuaries Institute NND.001.00354
Huon Hassall NND.001.00373
Dr Gary John Bacon AM NND.001.00269
Alison McKenzie NND.001.00289
Barry Gordon McDonald NND.001.00312
Jack Francis NND.001.00334
Floodplain Management Australia NND.001.00355
Ali Howat NND.001.00374
Anonymous NND.001.00270
Gabrielle Powell NND.001.00290
Barung Landcare Association Inc NND.001.00314
Mark Agnew NND.001.00335
Anonymous NND.001.00356
Anonymous NND.001.00376
Robert Francis NND.001.00272
Denise Douglas NND.001.00291
Charmaine Tracey NND.001.00316
David John Wortmann NND.001.00336
Robert Boag NND.001.00358
Luke O'Neill NND.001.00377
Sam Refalo NND.001.00273
Clyde George Alchin NND.001.00292
Richard Vos NND.001.00318
Alan Mikkelsen NND.001.00339
The Preventatists Incorporated NND.001.00359
Anonymous NND.001.00378
Anonymous NND.001.00274
Justin Williams NND.001.00295
Ian Davidson NND.001.00319
Andrew Zylinski NND.001.00340
Anonymous NND.001.00360
Wolfgang Klein NND.001.00379
Judith Collins NND.001.00277
Heritage Brumby Advocates Australia NND.001.00296
Hannu Mannering NND.001.00320
Williams Timber NND.001.00341
Anonymous NND.001.00361
Trypheyna McShane NND.001.00380
trev hames NND.001.00278
Derek and Val Smith NND.001.00297
Blue Mountains City Council NND.001.00321
Miriam Dayhew NND.001.00342
Anonymous NND.001.00362
Anonymous NND.001.00381
Tuli Laulau NND.001.00279
Tracy Skippings NND.001.00298
William Shephard NND.001.00322
Matthew Hunter NND.001.00343
Peter James Dunn NND.001.00363
Colin Kernaghan NND.001.00382
Aboriginal Carbon Foundation NND.001.00280
David Jefford Ward NND.001.00299
Don Payne NND.001.00323
Judith Smith NND.001.00345
Anonymous NND.001.00365
Anonymous NND.001.00383
Bryan Cifuentes NND.001.00261
Charlie Timma NND.001.00281
Dylan clegg NND.001.00301
The Salvation Army NND.001.00324
Douglas Kim Bell NND.001.00346
Chris Rogers NND.001.00366
Maxwell Thomas Weekes NND.001.00384
Professors Zylstra, Hopper, Bradshaw, Dixon and Lindenmayer NND.001.00262
Gillianne Margaret Tedder NND.001.00282
Daniel E Tyler NND.001.00302
Fortem Australia NND.001.00325
Marcus Lyons NND.001.00347
Douglas Peel NND.001.00367
Eurobodalla Coast Alliance NND.001.00263
Ian Charles Cruickshank NND.001.00283
John Donald McRobert NND.001.00304
Paula Watson NND.001.00326
The Ripper Group Pty Ltd NND.001.00348
Anonymous NND.001.00368
Anonymous NND.001.00143
Peter Bagshaw NND.001.00168
Narelle Campbell NND.001.00204
Anonymous NND.001.00225
David Lewis NND.001.00243
Ecoprofit Management Pty Ltd NND.001.00144
Janet Kay Harris NND.001.00169
Douglas Devlin NND.001.00205
Paul Williams NND.001.00226
Anonymous NND.001.00245
Michele NND.001.00122
Ian Stewart NND.001.00145
Anonymous NND.001.00170
Lenore Margaret Savill NND.001.00206
Adelaide Hills Council NND.001.00227
The Saltbush Club NND.001.00246
Charles M. Kerruish NND.001.00123
Mary Wilson NND.001.00146
Anonymous NND.001.00171
Rob Gibbs NND.001.00207
Tom Baker NND.001.00228
Dick and Cate Buckham NND.001.00248
Travis Harpley NND.001.00126
Liberal Party, Eastern Victoria Regional Electorate Council NND.001.00148
Anonymous NND.001.00174
Ian McArthur NND.001.00208
Joh and Kay Reid NND.001.00229
The undersigned of the petition by VentIT NND.001.00249
colin sagar NND.001.00127
Lynette Trindall NND.001.00149
Andrew Divall NND.001.00175
Moira Ryan NND.001.00211
Lynette Sinclair NND.001.00230
Harley Smith NND.001.00250
Robert Mitchell NND.001.00128
Barry Roberts , Jessica Talbert NND.001.00150
Benjamin Cronshaw NND.001.00176
Queensland Rural Fire Brigade Association NND.001.00213
Brian Charles Gepp NND.001.00231
Gregory John Griffiths NND.001.00251
Phillip Stockwell NND.001.00131
Dan NND.001.00151
Jennifer May Hackney NND.001.00177
Australian Trucking Association NND.001.00214
Hubert Upward NND.001.00232
WGCDR (Ret) Ronald James Magrath AFC OAM CVSA NND.001.00252
Charles M Kerruish NND.001.00132
Marjolein Kromhout NND.001.00152
Robyn Sweeney NND.001.00179
David and Lynne Gaudron NND.001.00215
The University of Adelaide NND.001.00233
Steven Conway NND.001.00253
Eurobodalla Shire Council NND.001.00133
Bushfire Survivors for Climate Action. (BSCA) NND.001.00153
Rupert G Hanna NND.001.00180
Caroline Paterson NND.001.00216
Everymind NND.001.00235
Robert Herbert Blomfield NND.001.00254
Patricia Sullivan NND.001.00134
Anonymous NND.001.00154
Mary Forbes NND.001.00181
Aerial Application Association of Australia Ltd NND.001.00217
Anonymous NND.001.00236
Dr. G. W. Hofmann NND.001.00255
John Mulderig NND.001.00136
Ravensbourne Perseverance Rural Fire Brigade NND.001.00155
Graeme Plath NND.001.00182
Todd Walter Vercoe NND.001.00218
Sue Conlan NND.001.00237
Anonymous NND.001.00256
Anonymous NND.001.00137
Martina Dexter NND.001.00158
Lex van Blyenburgh NND.001.00200
Anonymous NND.001.00220
Ian Kealley OAM NND.001.00238
Anonymous NND.001.00258
Rodney James Stone NND.001.00138
Christopher John Cunningham NND.001.00159
Kate Stanton NND.001.00201
Llandilo People NND.001.00221
Anonymous NND.001.00239
Anonymous NND.001.00140
Dja Dja Wurrung Clans Aboriginal Coprporation NND.001.00160
Paul Recher NND.001.00202
Morris Scott Bills NND.001.00222
Andrew Porrelli NND.001.00241
Anonymous NND.001.00141
William (Billy) James Geddes NND.001.00163
Ken Kerrison NND.001.00203
William Robert Kininmonth NND.001.00223
Derek Morgan NND.001.00242
James Maxwell Hall NND.001.00120
Margaret Ross NND.001.00099
Anonymous NND.001.00119
Anonymous NND.001.00098
Terry Laidler NND.001.00118
Anonymous NND.001.00113
Deirdre Mary Greenhalgh NND.001.00112
John Daniel Clarke NND.001.00111
Annameka Gillespie NND.001.00110
John Stewart Evans NND.001.00108
Phillip Servaes NND.001.00107
Bruce Raymond Cameron NND.001.00106
Roger Donald Anderson NND.001.00105
Anonymous NND.001.00104
Stephen Norman Brown NND.001.00103
Stephen James Ryan NND.001.00102
Graham Griffin and Sarah Dunlop NND.001.00101
Keith Alan Potts NND.001.00121
Anonymous NND.001.00100
Raymond White NND.001.00016
Barry Gavin NND.001.00033
Anonymous NND.001.00017
Glen Stelzer NND.001.00035
Ralph Mills NND.001.00018
Anonymous NND.001.00036
Gordon Walker NND.001.00019
Anonymous NND.001.00037
Anonymous NND.001.00020
Anonymous NND.001.00039
David Aaron Karr NND.001.00021
Rick Pratchett NND.001.00040
Geoffrey David Walker NND.001.00023
Anonymous NND.001.00041
Mark Warren Hogan NND.001.00024
Graeme Hawley NND.001.00042
Anonymous NND.001.00025
Adrian Thomas Watkins NND.001.00043
Roger Underwood NND.001.00005
Anonymous NND.001.00026
Peter Trahar NND.001.00046
Anonymous NND.001.00007
Martin Mountford NND.001.00027
Michaela Samman NND.001.00047
John Christiansen NND.001.00008
Meredith Urie NND.001.00028
Paul G Gray NND.001.00048
David Henry Cook NND.001.00009
Cheryl Jack NND.001.00029
Nigel Charles Edward Weekes NND.001.00049
William Edward Hanna NND.001.00012
Kevin Bridgeman NND.001.00030
Hawkesbury Nepean Flood Mitigation Action Committee NND.001.00050
Anonymous NND.001.00013
Steven Schmied NND.001.00031
Janice Vanzella NND.001.00051
Anonymous NND.001.00015
Graham Brown NND.001.00032
Black River and Districts Super Rural Fire Brigade NND.001.00068
robert joshua NND.001.00087
Phillipa Anne Holenkamp NND.001.00069
Anonymous NND.001.00088
Peter Andrew Blazko NND.001.00052
Ecological Surveys and Planning (consultancy) NND.001.00070
Anonymous NND.001.00090
Jeanette Cornell NND.001.00053
Jenny Robb NND.001.00071
Anonymous NND.001.00091
Marjory Lee Tomlinson NND.001.00054
Queensland Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party. (State Chairman) NND.001.00072
Anonymous NND.001.00092
Anonymous NND.001.00055
Stephen Hegedus NND.001.00073
Samford Rural Fire Brigade NND.001.00093
Kylie ONeill NND.001.00057
bryan wilson NND.001.00074
Lionel Rose NND.001.00094
Alan Fraser NND.001.00058
Vanessa Ingram Daniel NND.001.00075
Samford Rural Fire Brigade NND.001.00096
Deciduous Trees for Australia NND.001.00059
Graham Withers NND.001.00077
Peter Marshall NND.001.00097
Dennis Hedke NND.001.00060
Rodney Weber NND.001.00078
Group officer RFS NND.001.00062
Alma Andersom NND.001.00079
Brian Salter NND.001.00063
Rodney Weber NND.001.00080
Rohan Byrnes NND.001.00064
Ludlow tuart forest restoration group NND.001.00081
Altitude Energy Pty. Ltd. NND.001.00065
Anonymous NND.001.00084
Frank Batini NND.001.00066
Anonymous NND.001.00085
Darwin Centre for Bushfire Research, Charles Darwin University NND.001.00067